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dc.description Suomen murteiden sanakirja. The Dictionary of Finnish Dialects defines meanings and describes uses of words used in Finnish dialects from 1900s to 1970s. In addition, there are real maps describing the distribution of words and their meanings in Finnish dialects.
dc.language.iso fin
dc.publisher Institute for the Languages of Finland
dc.subject monolingual dictionary
dc.subject specialised dictionary
dc.subject dialect
dc.subject modern dictionary
dc.subject lexicographic resource
dc.title Dictionary of Finnish Dialects - SMS (ELEXIS)
dc.type lexicalConceptualResource
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContentInfo.detailedType machineReadableDictionary
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branding CLARIN.SI data & tools
contact.person Pirkko Kuutti Institute for the Languages of Finland 169123 entries
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