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dc.description Slovar novejšega besedja slovenskega jezika. Dictionary of New Slovenian Words represents a basic new lexical supplement to the Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika (Dictionary of the Slovenian Standard Language). It contains 6399 new words and phrases that appeared in Slovenian or gained ground after 1991 as well as new meanings of previously standardised lexis. Two important new features of the dictionary are a corpus-driven analysis of new words that are in actual language use and etymological explanations of the included words. See also: This dictionary was published as a printed book: Bizjak Končar, Aleksandra, Snoj, Marko, Gložančev, Alenka, Kern, Boris, Kostanjevec, Polona, Krvina, Domen, Ledinek, Nina, Michelizza, Mija, Perdih, Andrej, Petric, Špela, Šircelj-Žnidaršič, Ivanka, Žele, Andreja, Mirtič, Tanja, Gliha Komac, Nataša, Klemenčič, Simona. Slovar novejšega besedja slovenskega jezika. Ljubljana : Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2012.
dc.language.iso slv
dc.publisher ZRC SAZU
dc.subject monolingual dictionary
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dc.subject neologisms
dc.subject modern dictionary
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dc.title Dictionary of New Slovenian Words - SNB (ELEXIS)
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contact.person Mateja Jemec Tomažin ZRC SAZU 6399 entries
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